Covid-19 Update 20 May 2020

20th May 2020

While there are measures in place to slow down the rate of infection of Covid-19 we will continue to support people who lack the funds to buy food differently than previous to the outbreak. Instead of seeing people face to face we will continue to do deliveries only. Instead of 3-day parcels providing 10 meals per person we are providing 7-day parcels providing 21 meals per person. Referral agencies that are still working including from home are doing telephone consultations and sending referrals electronically. If you need help or know someone who does please see our ‘Get Help’ page and follow the link to ‘How to Get Help’ where you will find the telephone numbers of 2 agencies you can ring and ask for a referral.

For those who are able to help, demand for our support has increased and your help is needed now more than ever. If you would like to give help please see our ‘Give Help’ page and follow the links.

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